Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bringing Lucian Earthside

I figured I would take a few mins to write down my birth story.
I had an (nearly) unassisted homebirth in water with baby born in caul.
Prodromal labor was annoying and lasted for 2 weeks. I had what felt like true labor stall on me twice. During this time my husband checked my cervix and believed me to be 3-4 centimeters. But no dr or midwife ever checked me. My BP became elevated at week 38-39 and they started when I went to a hospital they tried to induce. This happened twice and both times I left AMA. Both times I thought I saw my homebirth slipping out the window but my midwife reminded me to trust my body and stop allowing fear to invade my mind. I went on semi bed rest. Walking daily at a slow pace to avoid swelling, and flush my kidneys. I stopped checking my blood pressure and instead just rested if I felt "off". I allowed my body to tell me what I needed. Rest, water, walking, etc.
On the morning of dec 2nd I woke up with period cramps and nauseated. I was gagging and shaking all over. I just felt different. I rested and eventually those feelings died down and I had a few Braxton hicks contractions that day but nothing major. I had a feeling things would pick up that evening but didn't want to get my hopes up. At midnight on the dot I got a contraction. It was uncomfortable and came with a lot of pressure. Cramps came back, as well as shaking and warm sensation in my inner thighs.
After a few of them I told Micah I think this is it. I told him to go shower just in case. As I laid in bed having them around every 8 mins I kept saying "one more and I'll call the midwife" lol
Well Micah got out of the shower and said you need to call. I was shaking like a leaf. But the contractions didn't really hurt. I called her and the photographer and both started my way. Both were about an hour out.
Meanwhile I had the urge to sit on my ball and rock through contractions. Still didn't feel real. They continued. MW and photographer show up and I just sat on my ball. Laughing and talking like a normal visit. Micah prepped and filled the pool. My MW told me to try to use the bathroom and when I wiped I saw a few streaks of blood. I was excited since I've never had a bloody show. The contractions still didn't hurt. I asked the MW are you sure this is it? And she said to relax. She asked if I wanted in the pool and I said I didn't want to stall things. So I kept rocking on my ball and chatting like nothing.
At around 3am my MW says "wanna get in the pool?" And I said you think I can and she said yes.
She had a very quiet demeanor about her and would softly smile but not let me in on what she really knew. I thought I hadn't hit active labor yet. I got in the pool and just sat there. I started to get quiet through contractions and breathe deeply with my eyes closed. They hurt but nothing more than period cramps. My MW said the photographer kept looking at her like "are you sure she's actually in labor?" My MW would just smile and nod. At around 4:30 am i was groaning through a few contractions and I started to whisper out loud "move down baby. That's right. Move on down for mama." I let the pain wash over me, I rode the waves with a smile on my face just repeating "move on down for mama. That's right. Good job baby."
I saw my MW whisper to Micah and I asked what and they just smiled at me but wouldn't answer. I later found out she whispered to Micah they are 3 mins apart. Micah asked so when will she hit transition? And my mw smiled and said "she already has." They didn't want me to know lol I was over there thinking I still had hours to go. Then the next contraction I said "I feel a little pushy." The MW, still across the room and keep in mind never touched me once through the whole process, told me "just give some little pushes and see how it feels" so I started to bear down a little and liked it. I silently pushed and felt my body take over and push with me. Then bam ring of fire and he was crowning. This was the first time I felt actual pain. I said he's crowning. The MW told Micah you better get in there or I will have to. Meanwhile I'm crowning with my head just laid back, totally relaxed and talking softly. Micah still thought I had awhile with pushing and the midwife told him again "stop petting her head and get in there, dork" and laughed.
I said "this hurts. Im going to push him out now."
I didn't even have a contraction but it burned lol. Micah climbed in the pool and literally one push later out popped the head and Micah put his hands on him and I pushed again and his whole body shot out like a buoy! Still in caul. Completely sideways!!! He wasn't facing up or down. He was facing my left hip and shoulders came out together. His cord was short so they got the caul off and his cord was wrapped 2.5 times around his neck. MW instructed Micah how to remove it and then he lifted him to my chest. The pool was 100% clean not a drop of blood. About 20 mins later I was sick of waiting on placenta and getting cold so MW told me to try a different position. I handed baby over and got on all 4s and pushed. I reached down and birthed my own placenta and brought it to the surface. We put it in a bowl then we walked to the bedroom. MW said I only dropped water not blood lol
I started bleeding pretty good in bed and she gave me witch hazel tincture under my tongue and the bleeding slowed way down. I showered and then I asked her to check me please. I wanted to know if I tore. She said I was perfect. No tears, not even skid marks. Lucian took straight away to breastfeeding and at 3 days pp my milk is in, my bleeding has already turned brown and equivalent of a light period and I never had to use spray or peri bottle. Just wipe normally.
Besides the after pains I feel like I didn't give birth!

Gwen Posey

Birth Photographer:
Sara Dragman

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