Friday, June 29, 2012

When the time comes....

How’s that Big Mac? Taste good? Yeah, well you go ahead and enjoy it, and that supersize diet coke you have to go along with it. I have but one question though. How do you afford it?
This is the one thing I’m not understanding about mainstream society. Where they are getting all their money from? My mother recently asked me how are you guys THAT stressed for money -_- well, that’s a good question! Logically we should have plenty of extra to spare because of the sacrifices we make on a daily basis. Regardless of WHY we make them, personally for us it is a mix of saving money, our planet and just morals that we live by and strive to teach our children, the fact is the money should be there. The numbers should show. The problem is they don’t.
I am at walmart walking around and begin to peer into people’s carts out of pure curiosity.  My FAVORITE of all time is seeing the Mennonites with their homemade clothing and I feel myself smile a little. They really are enjoying the simplicity of life, but just as quickly as the smile appears it slides off of my face as the realization of what their cart contains becomes a reality. Boxes of mac & cheese, hamburger helpers and canned vegetables. Huge packages of paper towels and the worst is when you notice the 6 cans of baby formula and a huge box of disposable diapers. Ummmm?? What exactly were you going for here, cause I’m PRETTY sure ANY attempt you made at what you were trying to accomplish with your clothing is lost in chemicals and waste. Every time I’m shopping I see at least a few of Mennonite mamas and every single one formula feeds.
As I continue to shop I pay special attention to the people with kids and babies. ALWAYS formula. ALWAYS. Processed foods, potato chips and fruit snacks. And SODA TONS AND TONS of soda. I stand there scrunching my face and scratching my head.  It’s funny because as I’m checking out with my fresh produce, beans, tofu & not a single bit of meat or processed product. Maybe some coconut oil or borax but never a paper towel, a roll of toilet paper or a box of disposable diapers.  It never fails. I glance up to see SOMEONE staring at me. Standing there with my “hippie” food, with a toddler on my back wearing nothing but a tee and a cloth diaper. I smile but they just stare at me like I’m some sort of alien attempting to anal probe the cashier. I’m the one that’s weird? Really?
See, that’s funny cause I know you. You work where my husband does. He actually makes MORE then you, and you? Yeah I know you too. You make 2 dollars more, but hell that’s not much at the end of the day. So as you smoke your cigarettes and eat your McDonalds staring at me while changing that weird looking diaper on my kid in my flex fuel van, can you PLEASE tell me how the HELL you AFFORD it?
Here we are and let me break it down in case you’re still confused. We don’t use paper products, that includes paper towels, wipes, plates, TOILET paper, tampons, maxipads… get the idea? We opt to use microfiber towels, cloth napkins and wipes. We cloth diaper our son. We use family cloth.  My daughter and I wear mama cloth (a reusable, washable pad) and I use a diva cup. A neat little device for my period. I make my own cleaners, so no windex in our house or bleach. I HATE bleach. We RARELY eat meat. We buy from thrift shops and second hand stores. We recycle and reuse. We don’t use conventional medicine and instead rely on things in nature to cure us.  We buy produce that’s in SEASON. Yes I stay at home with my son but BECAUSE of that we don’t pay for a second vehicle, or daycare, and no costly DR visits from something our son picked up at the center. We ONLY run our AC when it’s over 90. We rely greatly on fans and have adjusted our bodies to the heat. We cut down on water use and don’t have cable or satellite.  And yet we STILL struggle. Greatly.
I just don’t understand how mainstream America survives. They have to be giving up something somewhere but I just can’t figure it out. The one thing I’ve concluded though is no matter how much we are struggling it WILL come in handy. I do believe that America is failing and soon some sort of disaster will be upon us. OUR family will survive. With our canned produce and tolerance to heat. With my ready-made meal from my breast for my son I don’t have to worry about sterile bottles or clean water. My family won’t go through massive withdrawals from processed food when it is no longer available. We suffered through that “flu” when we first began our journey and let me tell you that is NOTHING you want to experience in the midst of a natural disaster/terrorist attack/ ect. We walk.. a lot, so we are conditioned. We can survive on nothing in the wilderness without a blink of an eye.
So you may smirk as I change that funny looking diaper or eat my tofu. You may be repulsed when I talk about mama cloth, family cloth and when I breastfeed in public.  You make shake your head when I don’t blink an eye at my child’s fever, use herbs to heal my family of illness and refuse vaccinations for my children. But remember my friend the time will come when you will knock on OUR door for help when America falls. 

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  1. I really think that as we (quietly) live out our lives "more is caught than taught". Just as you are observing them, 'they' are observing you also. You may not realize the seeds you are planting. Not all will sprout and take root, but some will! I frequently answer questions about babywearing when I am out wearing my toddler and others see (by example) how it is different than what they are trying. I carry business cards that I hand out to interested connections and say - hey, connect with me on Facebook or email and I would love to share more. It is about tying strings, making connections, living it out faithfully day by day. Not in a preachy type way but more like - hey this is what we have found works for our family, sure I will share more since you asked sort of way. I have found that pretty effective.